Ad Hoc Committee for Curriculum Review Agenda for Friday, March 6

(submitted by Jim Hood)

Ad Hoc General Education Curriculum Review Committee

Friday, March 6

1:00 p.m.

Study Abroad/Career Development Conference Room, King Hall


1. Moment of silence

2. Appoint note-taker for this meeting

3. Discussion and approval of proposed faculty survey and student survey re: effectiveness of current

general education program

4. Discuss key elements of the report we need to prepare for the faculty that addresses “the overall effectiveness and appropriateness of our current general education curriculum.” What other pieces of information do we need to collect, analyze, study? See possible report outline below.

5. Mapping of GELOs onto current gen. ed. curriculum: Kathryn and Jim are working on this; something may already exist.

6. Be prepared to meet weekly starting March 27

7. Next meeting, Friday, March 27, 1:00 p.m., same location.

– – – – – – – –

Possible sections of Ad Hoc General Education Review Committee report:

I. Executive Summary with recommendation (major revision, minor revision, no revision)

II. State of General Education at Guilford College

A. Mission, core values, strategic planning, and the curriculum (including president’s ideas)

B. Guilford’s curriculum in relation to emerging trends in American higher education (include alternative strategies at other institutions)

C. General education, recruitment, and retention

D. General Education Learning Outcomes (GELOs) and current curriculum

E. Effectiveness and appropriateness of current general education curriculum components

1. FYS/FYE 101

2. ENGL 101/102

3. Historical Perspectives

4. Quantitative Literacy

5. Foreign Language

6. Breadth requirements

7. Critical Perspective requirements

8. IDS 400

F. Surveys of faculty and student opinion

G. Recommendations, including a recommendation for process by which revision (if recommended) should occur

III. Appendices

A. Survey results

B. Details about other institutions (links to articles, etc.)

C. Prior proposals re: general education (FL, Experiential Learning, PPS, Joint Committee report [2013-14] to faculty including possible gen. ed. models)