Academic Dean Search Consultant’s Visit

Hi, all –

There was a question today in faculty meeting about the visit from the academic dean search consultant. I thought I’d fill you in on what I know, which isn’t a lot.

Here’s what I know:

  • Jane has told the faculty that, following Adrienne stepping down this summer, there will be an interim academic dean who will serve for a time while we consider the responsibilities of academic dean and possibly restructure the academic affairs organizational structure.
  • Jane said at the February meeting that the interim academic dean will likely serve for one year. In today’s meeting, she again said one year but also hinted it might need to be longer.
  • Jane said in February that the permanent academic dean would be hired through a national search, although internal candidates were welcome to apply. She said that she was also open to any interim dean candidate, but that it might make sense for the interim person to be a current employee to reduce the need for the interim dean to get up to speed on our culture and structures.
  • The consultant is Tom Courtice. His bio is listed here, unless there is another Tom Courtice who does academic consulting.
  • Tom is coming for a one-day visit tomorrow, March 5th. The focus of this visit will be the interim dean position. As far as I know, there have been no firm decisions about the form that hiring process will take, although Jane mentioned potentially interviewing candidates today. I think that’s why the consultant is visiting, to gather information, talk to people here, and figure out what shape the interim search or appointment should take.
  • During Tom’s visit, he will have lunch with Rob Whitnell and me as current and previous clerks of faculty.
  • Later in the day, he will meet with Clerk’s Committee members from 3:45 to 4:30.
  • Kathy Adams said he will meet with her earlier in the day. I presume this was based on her experience in the dean’s office.

I don’t know if Tom will continue as consultant for the permanent dean position or not.

I will presumably know more tomorrow, and I’d be happy to answer questions then. If any of you have ideas or requirements you’d like me to communicate to the consultant, please let me know soon.