Early release of general education proposal documents by LAGER


The Liberal Arts General Education Revision (LAGER) Committee is honored to share our first full draft proposal for Guilford College’s next curriculum.

This curriculum will support thousands of future Guilfordians. As Jane has mentioned, Guilford is a “small college of excellence doing a few things splendidly.” We believe our next curriculum supports that vision of Guilford College and is a positive step forward for our community.

You can begin reviewing the proposal in two ways.

  • If you’d like a quick overview, we have created this one-page summary for those interested in a brief update since our last presentation.
  • If you’d like to access the full proposal, containing a copy of our new catalog language, implementation plan and frequently asked questions, you can access those through our introduction page here.

Of course, full access to our meeting minutes, public podcasts and other documents from previous faculty meetings is available through the MoonRm.com site here.

By sharing these documents several days before our next faculty meeting, we hoped to give each of you sufficient time to review the proposal. At next week’s meeting, we will have about 20 minutes to break into small groups and solicit your questions and feedback about this new curriculum. This feedback will be helpful as we plan for a longer and sustained conversation at the faculty forum on general education the following week, on Wednesday, October 5.

We look forward to continuing our community conversation about general education. By sharing our proposal as a series of Google docs, we hope you will share any thoughts you have as comments within each document in addition to speaking directing with members of LAGER.

Thank you for your continued support as we take this next step together.

Kyle Dell, chair and Social Science Representative
Lavon Williams, Business and Policy Representative
Melanie Lee-Brown, Natural Science Representative
Damon Akins, Humanities Representative
Drew Hays, Arts Representative
Suzanne Bartels, Instructional Design Representative
Stephanie Hargrave, Director of Institutional Research & Effectiveness