Hi, everybody. I’m hoping to use this as a space to discuss issues facing Guilford College faculty during my tenure as clerk of faculty. I think having an informal discussion space here might offer the possibility for more communication and clarity than is available through normal faculty discussions. I’ll post my thoughts on faculty issues occasionally with links to resources. I’m also open to having guest posts by faculty with something to say.

Some ground rules:

  • Please be respectful in your comments. Personal attacks or anything in that neighborhood will be deleted.
  • When commenting, please use your real name unless you feel uncomfortable doing so. I may delete anonymous comments as I feel it is necessary.

It’s an experiment, and it may fail. I may not update it regularly enough to be useful. Nobody may read it. It may give rise to hard feelings and conflict. If so, I’ll give it a merciful, swift death. But for the time being, we’ll give it a go.

This was originally posted on April 17, 2014.