Time warp

Anne Glenn suggested I post this link to a November 1997 News and Record article on Guilford’s financial crisis of that era.  Here it is:

Article from the previous millenium

Eerily similar to our predicament today, which could be seen as good or bad. Bad, that we appear to be repeating (recycling?) the past, but good, that we obviously got out of this before, and without cutting 25% of the faculty.

The 25% faculty cut (that never happened) was instituted at the first opening community meeting on my first day of work in August 1997, less than a week after I moved to Greensboro and less than an hour after I got the key to my new office in King. An inauspicious beginning to what has been a very rewarding career.

If you need cheering up, Guilford’s in much better shape relative to 1997 than the newspaper industry…