Small group meeting with VP for Marketing Candidate

One faculty member requested that I share the list of folks who will be meeting Monday with the candidate for the VP for Marketing position.  Here they are:

  • Anne Glenn
  • Darryl Samsell
  • Kami Rowan
  • Lavon Williams
  • Mark Justad
  • Rachel Riskind
  • Vance Ricks
  • Julie Winterich
  • Dave Dobson

Julie and I were specifically requested by Joyce, with instructions to find another seven. There were 27 volunteers, which is a credit to the community Рthanks to all who volunteered.



  1. I would appreciate learning what questions or concerns folks not attending the small group may have. Mark J

    • My biggest question is what “vision” does this person have for ensuring GC has a competitive package that will not only attract a wide-range of students, but also permit us to not have such a high discount rate when working with students.

  2. What a great group of colleagues! You will represent the faculty well! Thank you! Betty