1. I’m not sure yet about my preference but I can see how avoiding a 3-week term in January could be good in order to avoid snow days during that time which could be a major disruption. Having the 3-week term in the spring could also facilitate field work and other field trips (even though international travel at this time would be more expensive).

  2. I’m still voting for none of the above.


    B&D are virtually impossible if you are trying to use the 3-week term in concert with the 12-week term (like for either a project [end] or “boot camp” [beginning]) since how it can function vis-a-vis the longer course is drastically different. It’s already going to be nightmarish for some of us given our courses, etc. so having to make this adjustment every semester is too much to do well and entirely unnecessary.

  3. 3-12, 3-12 means FYS could be a 3-week (away or partially away) orientation, instead of getting their momentum up in the 12 week and then sending them on a trip. Janet speaks my mind about snow days..though it seems to me like if you know they are a possibility you might be able to do something more flexible in the 3 week to accomodate them. They threw my 15 week class completely off this year, where when I taught J-term we were able to just make it up on a day we hadn’t planned to meet otherwise, since they had no other classes….

    I think the 3 week at graduation may be problematic for seniors, but maybe they take that time to intern?