Open Discussion Area for Faculty Meeting, April 1, 2015

Please use this space to comment on today’s meeting if you wish. You may post anonymously here if you like, or you may include your name.

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Can we please have our next called faculty meeting in a more open shared space?


I think it is very important that the entire board be made aware of the data we looked at (Dave’s slides) that generated these proposals, requests, etc., and not hope that the board chair sends those to the entire board.


Even if we don’t have a forum next week, we should make sure to still have a community forum – a delayed time might make sure we pick a good time for as many staff as possible. — Dani Moran

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  1. Richard Schilhavy

    I would like to make another shout-out to Mylene and the rest of the English and Creative Writing department on their work for the new major (and simplification of the existing major). It’s these ideas and proposals that make me excited and hopeful for the future of Guilford College, and I implore all departments to think how we can efficiently re-position ourselves to attract new students.

    Time to start working again on all my brewing ideas!