This page is meant to serve as a center for information and discussion on the recently announced outsourcing of Guilford’s housekeeping staff to WFF (

Community members have been invited to read and sign the following petition regarding this administrative decision:

It can be hard to see the text of the petition if you have already participated in it, so I’m including the text here:

Correspondence and other materials

I’ve hosted these on Google Drive so that you will need a Guilford login to view these files.

Any comments or discussion here is welcome, by faculty, staff, or other members of the Guilford community. You may comment anonymously if you wish. You may also subscribe to comments. This is not a Guilford-hosted site, and there is no way for either the operator of the site (Dave Dobson), Guilford administration, or anyone else to identify you if you do not leave your name or e-mail.

I reserve the right to freeze, delete, or edit comments if things get out of hand. Please contact me ( if you have any suggestions, concerns, or potential additions to the page.


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  2. I fixed the typo in the first sentence of the petition after someone pointed it out.

    In addition to the above, I want to call attention to the ways Len showed he doesn’t actually believe this is a good decision for the housekeepers. First, if he truly believed that, during the time he was doing “a lot of research” he would have shared that research with them to show them why he thought this was a good idea. Second, when he was answering questions at the budget manager meeting, we wouldn’t have had exchanges that went something like this:

    Someone: Will they have retirement?
    Len: Yes, their retirement will be comparable.
    Someone: Comparable to what they have at Guilford?
    Len: No, comparable to the market standard.
    Someone: But they will have retirement?
    Len: Well, the market standard for custodial staff is not to have retirement benefits, but they will keep all the money that they already have in their retirement accounts.

  3. Sadly, I think it may be time to come up with a new set of core institutional values. We could market these honestly. Perhaps hypocrisy should be on the new list. And inequality. Exploitation? Following the status quo? What else should be on the list? Does economic necessity justify all actions?

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