Faculty Meeting comments – Wed. Sept 3

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UPDATE: Comments from notecards written during the meeting are below. All were anonymous.


  • A&T’s current QEP is critical thinking as a point of comparison, very broad and mostly the responsibility of the faculty. Something like wellness could be spread around more and engage more broadly. A&T’s 1st year biology class is doing student wellness projects. Tracking individual changes to diet, exercise, etc. Assessment has been things like # people enrolled in yoga courses, but also qualitative things like student reports of increased awareness.


  • Great ideas Dave! Love the attempt to engage more of us in multiple ways. Thank you!


  • Thank you for a new positive energy.


  • You should have TEA in these meetings.


One Comment

  1. Hey, our little corner of the room was sort of talking about the Quantitative Literacy QEP. The thing we were talking about, though, was the notion that math, rather than being about calculating things, has more of a general problem-solving flavor, and has a LOT of cross-overs with other disciplines. In particular, we talked about the theater, but there are ideas in poetry analysis, music theory, political decision processes, and other analyses (notice how I didn’t even mention science?) that students really ought to have contact with.