Discussion area for Faculty Meeting on March 4, 2015

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Comments from cards in the meeting:

  • I’m concerned the Arts are not represented on cut committee
  • Dave: Can we hear from the Enrollment ad hoc committee what is being urgently/currently done to reverse declining enrollment rates of traditional students? What the causes of declining enrollments of traditional students are? (Natalya Shelkova)

One Comment

  1. I had two interesting conversations with my neighbor recently, who is a massage therapist here in Gso (and we have kids about the same age). About two weeks ago, on a snow day, when kids were sledding, she shared with me that she is taking a class at Guilford as a pre-req for her graduate school admission. She said she loved the class, and the college…
    I met her again this past weekend. She dropped the class, because she was not admitted to the graduate program. The program she applied to was Master’s of physical therapy in W-S State. Apparently, for 28 spots, they had 700 applicants! As she said, physical and occupational therapy is one of the hottest fields right now, but requires a graduate degree. Just a thought…