Discussion and comment area for October 7, 2015 Faculty Meeting

Please comment here about any issues relevant to the October 7 faculty meeting. You may post anonymously if you wish.

Comments from cards left at the meeting:


For the LAGER committee…  You (Damon) mentioned that curriculum is rarely a generator of enrollment unless the curriculum is particularly distinctive. Does this comment indicate that the intent, to date, of your committee, is not to dramatically overhaul our curriculum to the extent that it will be seen as distinctive, or, in your words, “out there?”


#1 curriculum issue – separate non-majors from majors in core science classes


Re. Cyber Security – Worst case – staff new courses w/ part time; if so & there are 6 students, will make more than enough to pay part time faculty, & if get 25+ majors, there is enough net revenue to pay for additional full time faculty – but will have to go through approval process. (From Betty Kane)