Curriculum Committee Minutes from September 30, 2014

Minutes for the Curriculum Committee Meeting
September 30, 2014

In attendance: Caleb Anderson, Erin Dell(sitting in for Adrienne Israel), George Guo (Recorder), Drew Hays (Chair), Martee Holt, Michele Malotky, Norma Middleton
Regrets: Rena Davis, Mylene Dressler, Karen Tinsley

A moment of silence was observed and the meeting opened at 2:30 pm

  • Approved the minutes from the Curriculum Committee meeting on 9/23/2014
  • Approved the Chemistry Major changes–CHEM 310 (Quantitative Analysis) will be added into Chemistry Major
    Action Item: Michelle will inform Dave Milican about the Curriculum Committee’s decision.
  • Approved the request for offering CHEM 150 HP History of Science third time in summer 2015.
    Action Item: Michelle will inform Gail Webster about the committee’s decision.
  • Responding to Bob Williams’ questions about ECON 450
    The following decisions were made in Curriculum Committee meeting 4/15/14
    Econ 348 Health Economics – course approved, but not for Social Science
    Econ 422 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory – not approved
    The excerpt below is from the Curriculum Committee Minutes from 4/15/14:

In the Curriculum Committee minutes on April 15, 2014, the committee discussed about the proposal for Social Science designation for ECON 422 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory and ECON 348 Health Economics. The committee’s decision for this proposal was as follows:

Concern about upper level courses, above 200 level, being counted for General Education courses.

Currently Social Science only counted at 100 or 200 level possiblyQuestion: What is the unspoken policy about Social Science?Currently, the prerequisites for these two courses already count for Social Science

Approved action step from April 15, 2014 – Action Step – Damon will communicate to David Hildreth that the courses cannot be approved for Social Science at this time. Further, Is Division Chair aware of the policy for Social Science and course level? Also, Damon will communicate suggestion that Intermediate Microeconomic Theory be a 300 level course, unless explicit rationale for this course being 400 level is provided.

Health Economics is approved as is, but not for Social Science.

Action Item: Drew will inform Bob Williams about the decisions listed above made by the committee on April 15, 2014.

  • Discussion on BUS proposal to drop BUS 241
    • As some of BUS 241’s contents will be integrated into BUS 243 following the drop of BUS 241, BUS 243 needs a new course number.
    • The committee needs more information regarding how the course BUS 243 has been changed and how dropping BUS 241 effects staffing.
    • Action Item: Drew will contact Betty Kane for clarifying the issues above.
  • Discussion on CTIS/PHYS proposal to change course number
    • The committee needs further information about the proposal: (1) separate syllabus/syllabi that serve different student groups (three tracks) who are taught by the same instructor, (2) the explanation of whether a student could take CTIS/PHYS 204 after he/she completes CTIS/PHYS 104, and (3) the approaches in terms of how the instructor makes clear that there is no switch between groups.
    • Action Item: Michele will inform Steve Shapiro about the committee’s request.
  • Approved MUS BA major adjustment proposal
    • To make students better informed, it is necessary for the Music Department to update the course description.
    • The committee will consult Adrienne about whether the proposal should be approved by the Clerk’s Committee because it is involved in the change of the credit (does it mean “a significant change” defined by the Faculty Handbook?).
    • Action Item: Erin will talk to Adrienne about whether the course proposal should be sent to the Clerk’s Committee for approval and then Adrienne will let Drew know about her opinion.
  • The meeting closed with a moment of silence at 3:31 p.m.