Curriculum Committee Minutes, February 5, 2016

Curriculum Committee Minutes

February 5, 2016


Present: Mylene Dressler, Michael Dutch, Edwins Gwako (Chair), Martee Holt (Recorder), Norma Middleton, Devon Murphy-Anderson, Beth Rushing, Karen Tinsley, Marc Williams

1. Devon Murphy-Anderson was introduced. She has joined the committee as our traditional student representative.

2. The meeting opened at 10:02am with a moment of silence.

3. Approved minutes from the December 1, 2015 and December 8, 2015 meetings.

4. Meetings for Spring 2016 will be held from 10:00-11:00am in Founders, Room 210.

5. Discussed a request for approval to change the course number of PSCI 365 (Terrorism in America) to PSCI 265 and to change the course number of PSCI 366 (Global Terrorism) to PSCI 266. Action Step: Beth will have a discussion with the chair of the PSCI department before the committee moves forward with a decision.

6. Approved ENGL 250: The Other’s Guide to Italianita to meet the Humanities requirement. Action Item: Mylene will notify the department and instructor.

7. Approved HIST 250: Digital Mapping China’s Silk Road to meet the Intercultural requirement. Also approved (via email) to meet Humanities requirement. Note: In the future, courses proposed for January Term should receive approval to offer the course from the January Term Coordinator before requesting Curriculum Committee approval for general education attributes. Action Item: Mylene will notify the department and instructor.

8. Approved proposal for an M.S. in Criminal Justice. Action Item: Edwins will forward the proposal to Clerks.

9. The meeting closed at 10:56am with a moment of silence.