Curriculum Committee minutes, February 26, 2016

Curriculum Committee Minutes


February 26, 2016

Present: Mylene Dressler, Michael Dutch, Edwins Gwako (Chair), Martee Holt, Michele Malotky, Norma Middleton, Devon Murphy-Anderson, Karen Tinsley (Recorder), Marc Williams

Regrets: Beth Rushing

  1. Minutes from Feb. 5, 2016 were approved.
  2. The request to change the course numbers for PSCI 365 Terrorism in America and PSCI 366 Global Terrorism to 200-level courses was approved.

Action Step: Martee will notify the Office of Enrollment of these changes

                      Norma will inform Maria Rosales and Robert Duncan of the approval and will make changes in the catalog.

  1. The request to lay down the PSCI evening major was discussed.  It was determined that additional information is needed before a decision is made:
  • The committee would like data and justification for the change
  • Has the department consulted with the office of enrollment to help assess the impact of this change?
  • Has the department consulted or gotten feedback from PSCI majors and minors?
  • Has any consideration been given to the impact of this change for other majors?
  • Has the department considered any strategies to bring in evening students?
  • What courses would still be offered in the evenings?

        Action Step:  Edwins will contact Maria Rosales to inform her of the request for additional information.

  1. Request for representative from Curriculum Committee to serve on J-term committee to assist with review J-term course proposals.

Michael Dutch agreed to serve as the representative.

          Action Step:  Edwins will inform Rob Whitnell.

  1. The meeting closed with a moment of silence.