Curriculum Committee Meeting Minutes, March 11, 2016

Curriculum Committee Minutes


11 MAR 16

Virtual Meeting Present: Mylene Dressler, Michael Dutch (Recorder), Edwins Gwako (Chair), Martee Holt, Michele Malotky, Norma Middleton, Devon Murphy-Anderson, Karen Tinsley, Beth Rushing, Marc Williams

The chair shared three agenda items (two proposals and approval of minutes) and supporting materials via email on 09 MAR 16. The chair further offered that the committee could discuss/approve the agenda items either by email or face to face meeting Friday, March 11 effective 10:00 AM. The committee responded via email with unanimity in support of both proposals and approved the minutes from the 04 MAR meeting with minor modifications. Information on the proposals follow. Business proposed a “minor” change in its curriculum, asking that Accounting 311 Cost Accounting and Economics 221 Macroeconomics no longer be specifically required; however, both Acct 311 and Econ 221 would be listed among eight (8) courses, two (2) of which would be selected as required elective courses for the major. The number of required courses (14) and hours (56) for the Business Administration major would remain exactly the same. The proposed effective date for these changes was Fall, 2016. The committee approved this proposal with the suggestion that the catalog language for BUS 120, Introduction to Business, be reviewed by the department. ACTION: Michael will inform the department of the approval.

The Education Studies Department proposed to make Elementary Education a Stand Alone Major. Currently, Elementary Education Candidates must have a second major in order to earn a AB in Elementary Education. This proposal does not affect any other Education Studies Programs, just Elementary Education. The committee approved the proposal with the specific instruction that the catalog be updated to explicitly explain and differentiate this degree from the department’s other majors which will continue to require a second major. ACTION:  Edwins will forward to the proposal to Clerk’s.