Clarification on compensation policy with regard to non-tenure-track faculty

Some questions have come up on how the proposed compensation policy might affect part-time, temporary, and non-tenure track faculty. Here’s what I think the situation is now:

For part-time faculty, compensation is handled using the new compensation structure implemented by Beth last year. This is as follows:

  • $4000 per four-credit course.
  • $1250 per one-credit course.
  • $2500 per two-credit course.
  • $850 per lab section.
  • For four-credit courses, faculty earn an additional $500 if the course enrolled more than 25 students.
  • For four-credit courses, faculty earn an additional $500 for courses that end after 10 pm.
  • This structure applies regardless of whether there are CCE or traditional students enrolled.
  • This structure does not apply to music lessons, which are compensated from student fees.

For visiting full-time faculty, salaries are currently set by or negotiated with the Dean’s office as for tenure-track faculty.  Under the compensation policy proposal, they would fit under the faculty formula, which includes a base for rank (visiting or non-tenure-track is one of the ranks) plus additional increments for a terminal degree, for experience, and for some disciplines (amounts and which disciplines still to be determined).  Full-time non-tenure-track faculty are included in the hypothetical salary calculator I wrote, which is here.

Sorry for any confusion. Please feel free to ask questions or leave comments below this post or in the forums I’ve set up.



  1. Is there additional pay for a lab class?