Approved statements on salary from Faculty Meeting, April 1

At our faculty meeting on April 1, the faculty approved the following two statements with regard to salaries and compensation at Guilford.

1) We call for the college to create a committee that will establish and implement a principled and just salary policy that would allow living wages for all employees, an equitable and fair distribution of pay among staff, faculty, and administrators, and salary distribution among faculty and staff members that fairly reflects their past experience, rank and time of service at the college, without bias.

We call for a clear demonstration from the Board and the administration that they support this effort, including invitation for participation by Board members and the provision of institutional support and resources required for the committee to complete this work in a timely manner.


2) Consistent with our core values, we request that from this point forward, salaries, bonuses, and other compensation for senior administrative staff be reported to the community clearly and regularly at the start of each academic year and whenever their contracts change.

For both of these statements, Betty Kane asked to be recorded as standing aside for their approval.

Related to this topic, we held a community forum on a fair salary policy on April 8, 2015. There’s more information about this including other materials here: Salary Policy Home