Admissions Committee Minutes, October 26, 2015

Ad hoc Admission Committee Meeting

October 26, 2015

8:30-9:30 a.m., Career Center, King 108

Attending: Steve Shapiro, professor of physics, Michael Dutch, professor of business management, Alfonso Abad Mancheno, associate professor of foreign languages, David Hildreth, professor of education studies, Kami Rowan, associate professor of music, Arlene Cash, vice president for enrollment management, Cyndie Basinger, assistant to vice president for enrollment management, Jeannine Harrell, student representative (traditional)

Steve opened the meeting with a moment of silence.  The discussion reviewed the recent Admission Open House on Friday, Oct. 23.

Overall response by faculty was positive.  The library location for the academic department fair was well received as well as lunch in the Gilmer Room.  Prospective students were able to experience both the good energy in the main dining hall and a favorable space for conversation with faculty and staff.

Several faculty members spoke to families during the fair and lunch about other departments based on the student’s interest and the college as a whole.  These organic types of conversations show the interconnectivity of the curriculum.  Faculty also connected students to others as appropriate. Arlene said these conversations are critical and thanked everyone for their outreach.

Suggestions for improvement to the fair include clustering tables by division and providing maps for faculty and students.  Magnetic name badges for faculty would add a professional look and be well received.  Arlene would like larger first name font with academic program information added.  She will speak with Marketing about the redesign and bring mock examples to the Ad hoc committee.  It was suggested painting the white PVC pipe stands in the college’s colors.

Invites to the fair will be sent to department chairs and copied to the division heads.  Where gaps by departments exist, division chairs will be asked to help fill in the blanks.  A communication tree will be developed to streamline emails to faculty.

Hosting the event on a weekday gave families the chance to see current students mixing between classes, interacting at lunch, and outside class sessions.  There will continue to be positive energy from faculty if we can continue to host these events on a weekday.

Mixing students at lunch instead of clustering worked well.  If faculty would like, they could bring a table card with their name and department on it and move that around as they mingle at lunch tables.

Tour guide expectations were a little less organized this time.  The Frank Family Science Center tour went well although the time allotted was not long enough for departments.  Suggestion is to expand the time from 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Surveys were sent to students and families for their feedback.  Arlene will share the results with the committee.

Plans for the next Open House November 8-9 are incomplete.  Erin Kelly is developing the program.  If faculty is asked to participate on Sunday, notifications should be sent immediately.  Also, calendar dates and what might be expected for future Open Houses should be sent to all participants.

Not all Open Houses are equal.  Arlene will provide the linear reasoning for students in their development process and the logic behind Open House plans.

Fall Open Houses are to encourage students to apply.  Students are thinking about what majors are offered in their interest, the classroom experience, admission process and financial aid.  In late fall to early winter, the Open House is designed for students who have applied and/or are admitted.  The focus is on global engagement, internships and career outcomes.  The spring Open House is designed to appeal to students’ hearts and social engagement.  Students want to see ‘butterflies, experience warm temperatures, hear music and forge a deeper relationship’ with faculty and community members.

Ad hoc committee members are encouraged to share information learned at these committee meetings with their division.

The next two meetings will be November 16 and November 30 at 8:30 a.m.  Plans are to continue to meet in King 108.