Admissions Committee Meeting Minutes, Sept. 1 2015

Ad hoc Admission Committee Meeting

September 1, 2015

2:30-3:30 p.m., Career Center, King 108

Attending: Steve Shapiro, professor of physics, Barb Boyette, assistant academic dean, Michael Dutch, professor of business management, Arlene Cash, vice president for enrollment management, Cyndie Basinger, assistant to vice president for enrollment management

Steve shared that the objective of the Ad hoc Admission Committee is to facilitate communication between faculty and Enrollment Management.  The committee would explore ways in which faculty can support enrollment, discuss trends about prospective students, create a shared vision of expectations, convey ways by which Guilford’s distinctive programs and initiatives can be marketed, and share market place research.

Faculty have assisted in recruiting students in a variety of ways at Guilford including speaking in information sessions, hosting students in classes, meeting individually with campus visitors, attending Open House and Admitted Student programs both on and off campus, conducting mini-class sessions, as well as making phone calls and writing notes.

What seems to be lacking is regularity, consistency, feedback and assessment on the impact these recruiting efforts have served in enrollment and persistence.  The Recruitment Plan from Enrollment needs to address how best to utilize faculty.

With an understanding that the academic experience is critical in the college decision making process, we want to be sure that it is well placed when students visit campus.  There is a plan to customize each visit by connecting students with faculty in their area of interest when they register for their Guilford tour and visit.  The energy and enthusiasm from faculty in the classroom is especially meaningful for visitors who are doing “comparison shopping.”

Admission will look at the Open House activities and dates for the fall and spring semesters.  The Open House agenda may change by offering the campus fair in the morning duing registration for individual interaction and providing an opportunity for students, later in the day, to visit an academic division for small group discussions.  Opportunities to have these programs during the week when there are classes and the campus is more active will be explored.

Intentional parental advising and an official hand-off during orientation to the Academic Dean was another idea raised to help with student retention.

Program dates will be provided to faculty well ahead of time to help faculty plan for their attendance.

Steve will request time for Arlene Cash to talk about Admission and changes for fall open houses at the Oct. 7 faculty meeting.  The suggestion is for her to speak for 5 minutes and leave 10 minutes for questions.