Ad Hoc Admission Committee Meeting Minutes, February 19, 2015

Ad Hoc Admission Committee

February 19, 2015 Meeting Minutes


Attendees: Barb Boyette, Tom Guthrie, Kami Rowan, Steve Shapiro, Andy Strickler, Wenling Wang (minute recorder)

The committee’s discussion centered on the prospective meeting with Jane and what to talk with her during the meeting. The points raised in our discussion include:

  • Future of this committee
    • We agree that admission and faculty need to work together and the Admission Committee can be a good link between the two groups.
    • Role and charge: We agree that this committee will be a bridge between faculty and admission, but what will be the specific tasks and responsibilities?
    • Membership: Who will be the members in this committee?

Before developing the proposal for a standing admission committee, we’d like to get more information and input from Jane. Hopefully we’ll have more clarity following our meeting with her and our subsequent discussion.

  • As Ad Hoc admission committee, what we’ve done and are doing now for admission
  • Changes occurring in admission, such as integration of CCE and traditional admission process
  • Future direction of the college
    • Task force on adult education
    • Curriculum review
    • New strategic planning efforts
    • “Who we are”: how to distinguish us from others? Focus on 2 or 3 things we can do really well and that’s what Guilford stands for. Andy talked about diversity as an example (you can notice it on campus and it’s also measurable).
    • Retention efforts


To summarize, the two most important things we want to talk with Jane include 1) what we’ve done and 2) what we need to know before developing the proposal for a standing admission committee. Steve will make an appointment with Jane and we may also include clerk’s committee in this conversation.