Salary formula calculator

UPDATE July 2, 2019: This calculator produces targets that are likely too high. Please wait for word from the Provost’s office on why.

If you would like to calculate a target salary for your position or for a hypothetical position, you can use the formula calculator here.

This is a revised version of this calculator for 2019. Data sources are the original salary model from 2015-16, Jane’s letter to faculty from June for the new rank base amounts, and the adjustments to service amounts described at the April faculty meeting.

Note: I left off Instructor/Lecturer rank this time because it was not included in the numbers provided by Jane. It is unclear to me what the compensation system for full-time temporary faculty is, and I don’t know how they’re handling tenure-track faculty without the terminal degree, who I think should be classified as instructor/lecturers rather than assistant professors.