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Bias reporting form possibilities

December 18th, 2015

Hi, colleagues –

Clerk’s committee has been discussing how best to address concerns from students about their classroom environments. In the list of demands published November 22nd, one of the items was this:
In discussing this issue, we have some difficulties with the mechanics of how best to meet this demand. We are in the early-to-middle stages of discussions about revising our course evaluations, but that process is not likely to move quickly enough to provide a timely response to student concerns. Also, course evaluations are an imperfect reporting tool for a number of reasons, including that they come at the end of the semester, past when changes could be made, and they are not guaranteed to be read by the faculty member or by a supervisor (dean or department chair) who could take action.
I created a mock-up of an incident reporting form we could propose as an alternative to the course evaluation model. We’ve discussed this briefly in Clerk’s Committee, but it is by no means an approved proposal or even a model we are committed to. I just thought I’d ask for feedback on whether you think this might be workable, or what changes you think might make it more effective. Here it is:
We do have a bias incident report form on the Intranet, but my understanding is that it is not widely known and is not intended specifically for classroom incidents. It is here:
Some students have also created their own version of a form like this, but it sends responses to the form’s authors rather than to faculty, so the chain of reporting is not yet clear. The student designed form is here:
Let me know what you think about any of these options, either by direct e-mail to me ( or by commenting below.

Comments on college employment

December 15th, 2015

I am deeply troubled by systems of oppression, racism, violence, and inequities. I am grateful to all of those who work here to uncover, dismantle, repair and transform oppressive systems and actions into just and equitable systems and actions. I recognize and I participate in this hard work every single day on campus, in schools and, hopefully, in my thoughts and actions generally in the world.

I think one of the most significant actions we at Guilford College can take is to reform our employment practices. Not by supporting a “fire at will” mentality, but by ensuring that every person who works on this campus has a fair, equitable, supportive contract. As this is a “right to work” state, it is vital that we make a statement that supports workers and we can start by making our campus one in which all workers feel safe to voice their concerns, to be treated fairly in difficult negotiations, and to the rights of due process.

I am deeply saddened by our approach to making this campus less oppressive and racist when immediate actions against individuals can be taken because those individuals do not have strong contracts. I know I do not have all the information nor the full picture/context, but treating people humanely and fairly seems to be what we strive to do. Even if what I am responding to is an appearance of what ‘actually’ happened, it is a devastating one.

No matter what our current efforts are, I strongly assert my belief that standing up for the rights of all the workers on this campus is a step we can take without causing undue suffering, oppression, unfairness. I suggest we work to make sure that every worker is protected by a clear, strong, equitable contract.

— Julie Burke

[Julie originally posted this as a comment on another section of the site. I moved it to the main feed as a post with her permission.]

Trouble at the College of St. Rose

December 13th, 2015

Here’s a Chronicle article:

College of St. Rose Plans At Least a Dozen Layoffs

And here’s the official message:

Saint Rose Trustees Announce Changes in Academic Programs to Boost Enrollment and Reduce Deficit

People may remember that Carolyn Stefanco was a finalist for the Guilford presidency.

The College of St. Rose is about three times the size of Guilford in terms of enrollment, with a number of graduate programs. Its endowment is far smaller at $37 million. The press release claims over a $9 million operating deficit on a budget that looks like about $117 million, while this year Guilford is working to close a much smaller deficit on a smaller budget. Their faculty salaries are higher than Guilford’s but not by much – about $3000-$6000 or 8-15% depending on faculty rank.

A Message from Faculty Affairs Committee

December 10th, 2015

Upcoming deadlines related to faculty promotion, spring 2016:

January 4, 2016: Nominations for promotions are due to the Academic Dean (email to

January 19, 2016: Names of 3 extra-departmental colleagues and 3 students due to the Academic Dean’s office (so we can solicit letters)

February 12, 2016: All materials for promotion files are due to the Academic Dean (electronic files encouraged)

FAC will hold firm to its policy of not considering late submissions.

Minutes from meeting on faculty-led study abroad programs

December 9th, 2015

Daniel Diaz convened a meeting of faculty involved in faculty-led Guilford study abroad programs on November 18th. Here are the recorded notes from that meeting:


Future of Faculty-led Programs

Meeting Date/time:       11/18/2015, 2:30pm – 3:30pm, Dean’s Conference room

Participants: Anne Glenn, Don Smith, Maia Dery, Melanie Lee-Brown, Theresa Hammond, Eva Lawrence, Dave Dobson, Erin Dell, Frank Keegan, Beth Rushing, Marlene McCauley, Jim Hood, Michelle Malotky, Nancy Daukas, Vance Ricks, Roy Nydorf, Kyle Dell, Gail Webster, Hiroko Hirakawa, Robert G. Williams, Dave Limburg, Caroline McAlister, Alfonso Mancheno, Eric Mortensen, Heather Hayton (in absentia)

Notes: First gathering at the college of former/current study abroad faculty-leaders to discuss their experiences leading international programs with Guilford College students. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss their experiences and to begin a conversation about what the future of faculty-led study abroad programming will look like at the college.

Overarching questions (note – not all of the following questions were addressed in the meeting, rather these questions are intended to help shape the scope and depth of the topic):

  • What is the future of faculty-led, semester-long, study abroad programs?
  • What is the future of the Jan-Term, and short-term faculty-led, programs?
    • How are Jan-Term, faculty-led programs, different than semester-long programs?
  • How will the general education revision impact study abroad at Guilford College, and therein, faculty-led programming?
  • What are the learning outcomes for study abroad?
    • What impact will the Gen-Ed revision have on the learning outcomes for study abroad?
  • What do faculty need as study abroad leaders?
  • How does Guilford College mitigate, and prepare for, potential risks in faculty-led study abroad programming?


  • Minutes from the meeting:
    • Moment of silence
    • Welcome and thank you for participation
    • Explanation of data handout that details a 10 year snap-shot of study abroad participation and expenses (see letter from Interim Assistant Director, Robert Van Pelt)
    • Opening query (2:10pm – 3:10pm) – “What has been the faculty experience with teaching Guilford students abroad, and what are the intended learning outcomes?”
      • Faculty responses:
        • Expansion of the Guilford vision – experiences open the minds, hearts, and hands of both the faculty leader and the students
        • Help students learn about the “real world” and how to handle “real life situations”
        • Exposure to new ideas, cross-cultural learning experience
        • Pivotal for faculty relationships with students
        • Helps to build on-campus community
        • Faculty involvement can improve the experience, makes it a true “Guilford experience”
        • Faculty may not need to be there the entire time, good to help the students get started, but perhaps stops them from immersion
        • The impact on enrollment (on-campus and departmental numbers are impacted when faculty and students are gone for a semester)
        • Concerns with the current student body and the needs of varying student types (e.g learning styles, physical and emotional needs, etc.)
        • Question/concern about “is this the best use of faculty time and funds in the current environment at GC…?”
        • Question/concern about the rigor of all international programming – opinion voiced that Guilford faculty-led programs can hold up better to our standards of rigor than compared with outside programs


  • Second query (3:10pm – 3:30pm) – “What do faculty need to be successful international faculty leaders”
    • Faculty responses:
      • Help recruiting (both at Guilford College and outside the college)
      • Help with department in the absence of the faculty leader
      • Help with planning the program
        • Suggested – have a 4/5 year calendar with faculty commitments to help plan
        • Suggested – include study abroad with faculty meetings
      • Question about risk management and emergency preparedness


  • Thank you and closing remarks of appreciation
  • Moment of silence





Clerk’s Committee Meeting Agenda, Wednesday December 9, 2015

December 8th, 2015
Clerk’s Committee Meeting Agenda – Wednesday, December 9, 2015 10:00 am
1.  Gathering and Moment of Silence – 3 minutes
2.  Approval of Minutes from December 1, 2015 – 2 minutes
3.  Follow up discussion: Review of SACS handbook changes – 5 minutes
    (possible drafts of some changes for approval – watch your e-mail)
4.  For approval: Revised Appendix G (from Curriculum Committee) – 10 minutes
5.  Review of faculty meeting Wednesday Dec. 2 – 20 minutes
6.  For discussion: Request from Jane on committees – 20 minutes
a.  Alter current faculty composition of Strategic Planning
b.  Alter current faculty composition of Compensation Ad Hoc
c.  Change handbook to relax divisional representation and encourage diversity on committees.
Close in silence

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