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Ad Hoc Committee on Curriculum Revision Meeting Agenda for Friday, April 3

March 31st, 2015

Ad Hoc General Education Curriculum Review Committee
Friday, April 3
12:45 p.m.
Study Abroad/Career Development Conference Room, King Hall


1. Moment of silence

2. Approval of notes from last meeting, 3/27/15; note taker for this meeting

3. Update on mining CIRP or other existing student data about general education—Rich & Stephanie

4. Update on faculty survey analysis (thematic)—Marc, Rich, Heather

5. ENGL 101/102 data, Fall 1999 to Fall 2014—Jim

6. Any preliminary information ready to report on Moon Room?

7. Determine next meeting

Meeting Notes for Ad Hoc Committee on General Education Curriculum Revision, March 6, 2015

March 29th, 2015

GenEd Ad-Hoc Committee


Attendance: Jennie Knight, Melanie Lee-Brown, Marc Williams, Heather Hans, Stephanie Hargrave, Kathryn Shields, Richard Schilhavy, Jeff Ray, Robert Duncan

Missing: Jim Hood

Faculty Survey

Committee discussed the current state of the faculty survey distributed by Heather via email, and the timeline to distribute the survey to faculty. Marc raised concerns about the distinction between major and minor revisions as in the previous faculty survey the faculty were divided between the two but made similar comments regarding the changes. Melanie and Marc proposed adding comment box for the respondent to explain what is meant by major/minor revisions, and Richard suggested a prompt for what defines major or minor revision. Stephanie  suggested adding a likert item “To what extent do you believe the curriculum needs to be changed?” anchored on None to Complete Overhaul and a comment box specific to satisfied and dissatisfied requirements.

Approved with following changes to the faculty survey: change major/minor revision question to likert scale, add comment box specific to satisfied and dissatisfied requirements, removing skip logic for yes/no revision.

Melanie, Jennie, Heather discussed emailing the survey early next week, then send student survey after Spring Break. Committee agreed to accept comments on the survey until Monday @ 5:00 PM then send to faculty Tuesday morning.

Student Survey

The upcoming student survey was discussed as well. Stephanie raised concern about response rate and fatigue student survey with three large student surveys scheduled for after Spring Break. Suggested focus groups to improve qualitative information. Robert suggested that campus organizations and faculty advisors could help organize focus groups, while Stephanie suggested that randomly selecting during lunch. Richard was concerned that a lunch-only focus group would not include a CCE voice, but Jeff was positive about the response rate for CCE students. Everyone agreed that a “paper” based survey would be the most effective, but Heather was unsure regarding the number of available tablets.

Key Elements of Committee Report

The committee discussed the outline for the committee report proposed by Jim. Melanie mentioned that similar work has been done collecting information and making a similar argument, and Marc reiterated a similar point a suggested adding information to appendices.

Stephanie informed the committee about significant redundant work occurring with the SACS review regarding the effectiveness of the general learning outcomes mapped to the general education curriculum. Some argued that the mappings proposed were not fulfilled in all of the courses that meet a specific learning outcome. Heather confirmed that ENG 102 and HP courses may help fulfill the information literacy GELO. Robert raised a concern regarding the excessive number of courses that fulfill a small number of learning outcomes, but Kathryn mentioned reducing the courses to one removes flexibility and Stephanie mentioned that growth over time cannot be assessed..

Melanie inquired where the information regarding individual effectiveness/ineffectiveness can be found. Faculty survey data (old and new) could be effective, along with current assessment activities such as the Proficiency Profile.

Next Meeting

March 27th @ 1:00 PM in Career Center

Guilford of the 1930’s, or what was old is new again

March 27th, 2015

Gwen Gosney Erickson found an interesting set of documents in the college archives – minutes from the trustee meetings from the early 1930’s. As the Great Depression swept the country, the college was in some financial trouble, suffering from deficits and apparently unable to pay full salaries. Faculty proposed a salary policy – a combination of salary cuts and deferred payments – to help the college survive the crisis while ensuring basic living expenses for employees.

Here’s the report from the Faculty Committee on Finances:


Your committee held three meetings in East Parlor, Founders Hall, on Wednesday, February 18th, Thursday, February 19th, and Monday, February 22nd, respectively, with Miss Ricks, Chairman, presiding. All members were present at all meetings.

After some discussion it was felt by the committee that there were two fundamental financial problems now facing the college:

FIRST: The existing emergency which demanded some immediate action to provide relief for the present financial situation, and at the same time protect the best interests and welfare of the college and the faculty.

SECOND: Consideration of the future financial policy of the college to work out some plan whereby the college could operate within its annual budget in the future.

It was decided that intelligent consideration of the second problem would require more time and facts than were available to the committee, and
that it should be postponed until some future date.

In this connection your committee decided unanimously that the following principles should be accepted as fundamental to any financial policy that the college should adopt for the future:

(1) That the present Endowment Fund should be held intact.

(2) That all activities and improvements involving expenditures that are not absolutely necessary to the functioning of the college should be eliminated during the present emergency.

(3) That every effort should be made to retain the present faculty, thereby insuring that the standard of work shall not be lowered.

The following recommendations for the handling of the present emergency were unanimously adopted by your committee for the consideration of the faculty:

1. That 10% of the annual budget for salaries in the instructional and
administrative departments be donated by the faculty and administration to the Guilford College Centennial Fund to be used by the Directors of that Fund as they deem advisable. This 10% donation should be distributed among the faculty and administration on the following basis: Each member should have a flat exemption of $100 per month for the actual working months ($900 in some cases and $1200 in others): over and above this exempted amount each member should be assessed a percentage of his or her remaining salary necessary to produce a sum equivalent to 10% of the annual salary budget, the percentage donated to be the same for all members. Miss Gainey has figures that this percentage would amount to 17.54% of the salaries over and above the exempted amounts.

2. That provision be made by the college to pay each member of the faculty and administration three regular monthly installments on salaries on or before August 1oth, 1932.

(NOTE) Any supplies or provisions purchased from the college shall be considered as a portion of the salaries referred to just above, and shall be deducted from the salary payments due before August 10th, 1932.

3. That the last two remaining installments on salaries shall be held in abeyance until the college shall be able to take care of this obligation, with the understanding that the amount held in abeyance shall bear interest at the rate of 6% on and after August 1st, 1932.

(NOTE, All monies donated by the faculty and adminstration shall be deducted from the last two remaining salary installments halt in abeyance.)

4. In addition to the above, a further sum of 5% of the annual salary budget for the instructional and administrative departments shall be donated to the Guilford College Centennial Fund on the same basis as the first donation.
PROVIDED that friends of the college shall subscribe and pay into the college
treasury a sum equivalent to the total donation of the faculty and administration, which money shall be used to pay the salary installments held in abeyance.

It was felt by your committee that this action would give immediate relief to the extent of approximately $22,000, and permanent relief to the extent of approximately $9,500, and at the same time provide some means whereby the faculty and administration salaries might be paid within the near future.

The committee expressed itself as favoring a definite and concerted effort on the part of the student body, the faculty and the board of trustees to use their individual influence in soliciting well-prepared students for next near.

Your committee has made a conscientious effort to consider all elements of the situations and feels that the recommendations made are as equitable as could be devised, and while realizing that they call for a great sacrifice on the part of the faculty and administration, it was felt that their acceptance would, in the long run, be most beneficial to the college and the faculty.

Respectfully submitted,

Katherine Ricks, Chairman

F. C. Shepard, Acting Secretary.

February 22, 1932.

There are 32 employees listed on the books in the 1930-31 year, with President Binford making the princely sum of $3,540 in salary and $460 for “house or room.” That $4000 total is the equivalent of about $62,000 today. Miss Ricks, who was 48 years old in 1932, made $2000, including $150 for house or room and $250 for board and laundry.

The full document is attached below. There are a bunch of other interesting historical details here. It’s a little sad but also maybe also a little reassuring to see them struggling with the same issues as we are working through today – student recruitment, student quality, paying a living wage, protecting the endowment and the academic program, and donating to a college they supported and that supported them. If Miss Ricks and her colleagues could see a way through dark times, maybe we can too.

Trustee Minutes, 1930-32

Open Forum for Called Faculty Meeting March 25, 2015

March 25th, 2015

Please feel free to leave comments here about our called faculty meeting on March 25th, 2015. If you wish your comments to be posted anonymously, you can just enter them without using your real name, or you can e-mail them to me at

Here are comments from note cards submitted at the meeting.

Fair salary policy now.

Marketing wise, Kent is a liability, not an asset.

Being someone who needs to make the schedule for fall semester, and knowing that this is a difficult task even under the best of circumstances, I am still willing to – and was under the impression that we would – wait to let specific REAL and valued faculty members go until after the Budget Reduction Committee reports back to the faculty. I am appalled that people have already been let go without this report and request for feedback.


Ad Hoc General Education Curriculum Review Committee Agenda for Friday, March 27

March 24th, 2015

Ad Hoc General Education Curriculum Review Committee

Friday, March 27

1:00 p.m.

Study Abroad/Career Development Conference Room, King Hall



  1. Moment of silence
  2. Determine note-taker rotation
  3. Approval of notes from last meeting 3/7/15
  4. Student survey—finalizing it, sending it out?
  5. Faculty survey—preliminary results, further analysis
  6. Report to faculty—continue assigning writing tasks (see outline below)
  7. Next meeting, Friday, April 3, 1:00 p.m., same location.

– – – – – – – –

Draft outline of Ad Hoc General Education Review Committee report:

I. Executive Summary with recommendation (major revision, minor revision, no revision)

II. State of General Education at Guilford College

  1. Mission, core values, strategic planning, and the curriculum (including president’s ideas)
  2. Guilford’s curriculum in relation to emerging trends in American higher education (include alternative strategies at other institutions)
  3. General education, recruitment, and retention
  4. General Education Learning Outcomes (GELOs) and current curriculum
  5. Effectiveness and appropriateness of current general education curriculum components
    1. FYS/FYE 101
    2. ENGL 101/102
    3. Historical Perspectives
    4. Quantitative Literacy
    5. Foreign Language
    6. Breadth requirements
    7. Critical Perspective requirements
    8. IDS 400
  6. Surveys of faculty and student opinion
  7. Recommendations, including a recommendation for process by which revision (if recommended) should occur

III. Appendices

  1. Survey results
  2. Details about other institutions (links to articles, etc.)
  3. Prior proposals re: general education (FL, Experiential Learning, PPS, Joint Committee report [2013-14] to faculty including possible gen. ed. models)


Everything we need

March 23rd, 2015

I received the following as an anonymous hand-written note in my campus mail. I think it is in response to our March 4th faculty meeting. The author requested that it be posted to the Moon Room.


Have you ever witnessed a sudden eruption of violence? I have, and it is so interesting to see who turns into a puddle and who becomes sharper and more capable than ever. We heard today that Guilford is in a “live ammunition” moment. We don’t have time for our customary long form reasoning and reckoning. I can sense that some of our brightest and most capable fair sea captains may need support and understanding in this time. Others who are merely functional under predictable circumstances could turn out to be life savers. We should expect these inversions.

I wanted to offer this perspective because there seems to be an assumption that this is a grim time for Guilford. Maybe we should just skip sharing good news at the end of faculty meeting, right? When outsiders ask me about Guilford, I say I need a raise. I also say that this is a time of change, challenge, excitement and innovation. I say that we are in a manageable scale model of our troubled and threatened world and we have everything we need. I know that I am not alone in feeling unafraid and even lucky to be right here, right now.


St. Mary’s wage proposal

March 22nd, 2015

There has been some talk recently about the salary proposal put forward by some employees at St. Mary’s College. Here’s a link to a summary of that proposal:

St. Mary’s College Wage Proposal

Their administrative structure, staffing levels, and budgets are obviously different from ours, and the ratio approach may not be feasible or appropriate for us (it did not pass at St. Mary’s), but it’s an idea that’s out there and might be worth looking into.

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