Clerk’s Committee has decided to hold an open community forum on designing a fair compensation policy at Guilford. The desire for such a policy was a strongly stated goal that arose in the faculty meeting on March 25th, and a faculty statement requesting that a committee be developed to create such a policy was approved at the faculty meeting on April 1st.

As a first step in this process, we are holding a forum on Wednesday, April 8th, at 3:45 p.m. in the West Gallery. Although this was originally scheduled as a faculty forum, we decided to open up the meeting to interested staff, students, and community members. The forum will begin with a presentation from a faculty group who has worked on issues of faculty and staff compensation for many years, which will include

  • possible components of a salary policy
  • questions we need to answer to establish our priorities in this effort
  • examples of models from other institutions

What this meeting is for:

  • Thinking about what a fair salary policy at Guilford might look like
  • Thinking about a healthy process for us to establish such a policy, including who should be involved in preparing it
  • Thinking about our priorities for compensation, and how those can be effectively included in a policy
  • Hearing from all community members, not just faculty, on what their interests and goals are
  • Building a better future for the college

What this meeting is NOT for:

  • Dwelling on past practices, except where they provide guidance for the future. This includes the issues surrounding the IRS form 990’s – while they are important, they are not the focus of this meeting.
  • Discussing the current budget reduction process
  • Vilifying anyone

A note on participation:

We understand that not everyone may be able to attend this meeting who wishes to. We hope to hold more meetings in the future at times when more people can come. We also understand that not everyone feels comfortable speaking in public about this issue. You are free to leave anonymous comments below on this page, and they will be read and shared with the community. You can also write the Clerk of Faculty, Dave Dobson, at

Slides presented at the forum: Salary Policy Information Slides

There’s more information including other meeting materials here: Salary Policy Home