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Meeting notes from Ad Hoc Curriculum Review Committee Meeting, February 27, 2015

March 4th, 2015

Ad Hoc General Education Curriculum Review Committee

Friday, February 27, 2015

1:30 p.m.

Meeting notes

Present: Richard Schilhavy, Kathryn Shields, Robert Duncan, Jennie Knight, Marc Williams, Melanie Lee-Brown, Heather Hans, Jim Hood

Guests: Damon Akins, Michele Malotky, Drew Hays

1. Drew Hays, Michele Malotky, and Damon Akins reported to the committee regarding their recent attendance at the AAC&U conference on general education revision. Here are some of the things they learned at the conference and some of their observations about the state of Guilford’s curriculum:

  • Refining the curriculum intentionally can help with retention;
  • Guilford is way behind in the realm of general education; newer models use an integrated curriculum that spans all four years with courses that build upon each other, incorporating high impact learning practices; this kind of coordination makes assessment much easier and students tend to understand the curriculum more readily;
  • Most other schools have a Center for Teaching and Learning that centralizes course development and curricular initiatives;
  • General education should be developed from the GELOs, the college mission, and the college core values;
  • We have already begun the revision process by developing and passing the GELOs; now is the time to continue that momentum;
  • A new curriculum could differentiate us for recruitment purposes;
  • We need a better alignment between what we value and what we require;
  • Given the fact that we will be restructuring the academic division, now is a perfect time to link curricular reform to that a new academic organization;
  • Curriculum revision must be driven by a successful leader;
  • A central question we should ask is “What is the general education curriculum supposed to do?”

2. The committee discussed briefly a survey of faculty attitudes toward the current general education curriculum being developed by Heather, Melanie, and Jennie. They will refine this instrument a bit more and distribute it to the committee for us to discuss at our next meeting.

3. Heather, Melanie, and Jennie agreed to also develop a survey asking students what they understand about the purposes of the general education curriculum.

4. Kathryn agreed to review how the 6 GELOs align with the current gen. ed. curriculum.

5. The committee agreed that Jim Hood would serve as its convener.

6. We agreed to meet next Friday, March 6 at 1:00 p.m., Study Abroad/Career Development Conference Room.

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