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Comment cards turned in at the meeting:

  • I am wondering about the necessity and wisdom of continuing the conversations about “whether” to revise the curriculum given Jane’s comments today. (Kathryn Shields)
  • We appreciate the opportunity for discussion that Jane offered the faculty who are/will soon be affected by changes in tuition remission. Has the staff been offered that same opportunity?
  • I find the sounds of typing on laptops during the pre-meeting silent meditation much more disruptive than Dave’s passing out pencils and paper.
  • I understand need for gender and other diversity. I think some other division (humanities, arts, social sciences) should represent faculty as well. (Both Sherry and Darryl are BPSS – there are other strong women in other divisions.) (Betty Kane)
  • Would it be helpful for Darryl w/ Dave Dobson to do a budget primer – either as part of forum or separate meeting? (Betty Kane)
  • Time with Susan Briggs conflicts with required FYS training (Betty Kane)
  • Faculty recruiting – if faculty can visit their high schools, they can recruit enough to make a difference in enrollment? Just go talk to high school about your career and target students.