[From Kyle Dell]

Kyle mentioned Portland State as one of the curricular models in his presentation at the November faculty meeting. He’s provided a link to their web page that reports on their process and strategies.  Interesting stuff.

Portland State Curriculum Revision

Kyle’s full message was this:

Several faculty members asked for any documentation that I may had gathered together related to the process of reviewing and revising a general education program, particularly from other institutions and their experiences.  The Pothole book is certainly to be read by anyone considering what lessons, if any, a college can take from the experience of others generally.
However, I also mentioned that Portland State University is shockingly honest about the process they went through with regard to their curriculum and one can learn much about their experiences from documents available on their website.  Their general education program is called University Studies and the page containing many of these documents is here:  http://www.pdx.edu/unst/program-documents
I hope you could share this in the Moon Room so that anyone with interest can learn more.
Many thanks,