The organizers of the Day of Testimonies would like to provide the opportunity to comment on the DoT Report (available here) and/or to share your testimonies based on the four queries that were used to organize the event: 

Here are the four queries:

  • What do you love about Guilford?
  •  What are you struggling with at Guilford right now? 
  • What does Guilford do well that we need to keep doing? What does the institution need to do to grow and change? 
  • If you could meet with the Board today, what would you ask them to do now to ensure Guilford survives/thrives/becomes its best self?
Important guidline: Please share your testimonies focused on your experiences without calling out individuals by name when possible.

Your comments may be held for moderation by DoT organizers if you have not posted on the site before.

For more information, please contact Julie Winterich at