Here is the latest enrollment report as of May 2, one day after the national May 1 deadline for students to commit to the college of their choice. As you can see below, we have more students deposited (391) than any year in the past three. That is a very big deal for us. This number can change over summer in either direction as students change their plans – we are likely to lose some to “melt” and gain some from late deciders and late applicants – but we are obviously in a better position going into summer than in recent years.

Congratulations and thanks are due the enrollment staff and all who’ve worked with them this year. We will need to work and adjust to accommodate this large incoming class, but that is a good challenge to have.

Arlene writes:

I am pleased to share that we have exceeded our May 1 deposit goal for incoming first year students.  It is shaping up to be a strong class with an academic and diversity profile comparable with previous years.  I am extraordinarily grateful for all of the hard work that the Guilford College community has put into bringing this class in: faculty, staff, students, alumni, trustees, our personal and professional partners, everyone.  This is really a community achievement.  Moving forward, all of us will continue to have a role to play in providing the Guilford experience we’ve promised to the Class of 2020 and our entire student body.  Indeed, our work is far from over and, in fact, it’s really just beginning – for all of us.  Thank you for your continued and passionate partnership.


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